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Beautiful Rituals of Karva Chauth That Every Woman Should Know

India is a diverse country where we find a variety of festivals and their rituals. There is a number of festivals from north to south & east to west. It is the festival of married women who are fasting for a long day for their husband to live a long life. The main reason behind celebrating this festival is to pray to God and wish for well being, prosperity and long life of their life partner.

According to the Hinduism, after the Hindu Matrimony, it must be for a married girl for their husband longevity. When we break the Karva Chauth words, it split into two parts, one is karva stands for earthen oil lamp and another one is Chauth stands for four. This festival is celebrated near the Diwali festival and exactly falls on the fourth day of Kartik month.

Significance of Karva Chauth

On the day Karva Chauth, Women fast for a long day. Before Sunrise, Married women take a bath and get ready for a day like a bride and take a sargi, fruit and another special fast food item which are present by mother in law and after that woman fast for a whole day until the moon is not rising. At the first karva Chauth, Married women get various gifts from her parents and mother in law.

On this day, a married woman who is fasting is assumed to Goddess. The whole day, a woman doesn’t eat or drink anything. At the evening, family women get together at one place and old a woman explains the history and importance of Karva Chauth. At night, when the moon is spotted in the sky, the married women perform a small pooja and after that husband offer water and food to their wives so that they can complete the feast. Once the feast is completed, women can enjoy the delicious feast food. is Canadian Best Matrimony Sites offer a platform for girls and boys to search for their suitable groom and bride profiles.

Wishing a very Happy Karwa Chauth…!

Karva Chauth Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reference: How to Make First Karva Chauth, Make it Special!

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