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Beautiful Significance behind the Kanyadaan Ceremony

Indian Weddings are consisting of many rituals that carry deep sentimental significance. Kanyadaan is one the emotional wedding moment when the bride’s father finally handover the beloved daughter to Groom and requested him to accept the daughter as a life partner. This ritual is performed differently in all regions but the importance of this ritual is the same in all regions.

The emotional significance of giving the daughter away

Kanyadaan is emotionally charged to the bride’s father and his family, to know the feeling behind this emotion; you have to feel like a father and understand the importance of daughter for father. This is something unique that the father shares a special bond with their daughter while the bond with mother and brother is also very close. Kanyadaan is a fact of life that every Indian wedding must have to perform.

Moment of kanyadaan at an Indian wedding

This is a particular ritual that handles the responsibilities to Groom. An Indian wedding is a start with the usual pomp and festivity. Everyone is cheering for the bride and groom through various wedding rituals, but the atmosphere is completely changed during the kanyadaan. Everyone is emotionally charged.

For the bride’s father, It is the symbol that how the father transfers his daughter responsibilities to the groom.

Religious significance and ritual of kanyadaan

At the wedding day, the groom is assumed to be Lord Vishnu. According to the Hinduism, kanyadaan is the biggest offering to God that any parent makes to God. It is believed that this ritual purifies all sins of the bride’s parents.   

In a Hindu wedding, the bride’s father places the bride hand at the Groom’s right hand along with the betel leaves, flowers, dry fruits, gold and money and pour the holy water. During this holy verses are being recited by the priest.

In a Sikh wedding, bride’s father takes the one end of the groom’s scarf and placed at the bride’s hands. Like this, they hand over the bride’s responsibilities to the groom in front of the holy book.

Final Thoughts: It is only part of a wedding which contains emotions and it is an eccentric part of the wedding where the two individuals start their new life., an initiative of the NRI Marriage Bureau, has been helping people from the Hindu speaking community around the world find their perfect life partner.

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