Privacy Policy

Website needs personal details of marriage seekers but we don't reveal the private data of any user with other members. To provide full data protection to every user is our first responsibility. We are committed to the privacy of our users, so we collect data from our users in form of pictures, data, personal details etc. Our privacy policy is the practices for the site and available for the visitors of this website. With your agreement with the privacy and services provided by us, we get a permission from your side to use your provided information in confirmation with the terms and condition of the company.

The ways by which we collect information from users is quite visible to every user. We never hide anything from our users. We notice your IP address, date and time etc. to evaluate overall movement of visitors on our page. By this, we can also calculate which part of this website is the most popular. Apart from all the private information, we also collect personal information like age, name, sex, profession, location, height of the member to enhance our matchmaking services. With providing this permission, you agree to give us right to disclose your information to other members of the website.