Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the portal of Best Hindu Matrimony Site! Our main focus is to fulfill the desires of any marriage seekers by choosing perfect matches on their behalf. The matching profiles of every member get highlighted so that users can pick the best one according to their taste. Different membership package enhances the partner search journey of any member through our matchmaking site.

1. To use the matrimonial services of this site, marriage seekers should register first. All the registered members will be subject to the terms and conditions of this site. No profile can be used to sell products or to promote projects. The only thing for they are allowed is the promotion of their matchmaking site. Moreover, you are not allowed to send messages in bulk to anyone.

2. With the agreement to the terms and condition, you also agree to follow the rules and regulations of this website. We hold every right to change the terms of use at any time. Data of any user should never be used for harassing him or her in any physical or mental way. At any stage, if it is found that you are using the services of this site not in legal way, then your profile will be deleted from this portal and a legal action can be taken against you.

3. Age of any member should not be less than 18 (for females) or 21 (for males). If profile of any member is legally not eligible, then it will be deleted from the website. If any member found to abuse others in any form or misusing the displayed information of any user, then his or her profile will be automatically terminated from the website and a strict legal action will be taken against such users. Members are not allowed to use automated software to interact with other members.

4. Member can't claim any refund if his or her profile gets deleted from the website because of any reason or any violation of the terms of this matrimonial site. This matchmaking site has all the rights to view your whole activities on the matchmaking site. Matchmaking profile will be terminated from the website if it found to do any illegal activity.

5. This matchmaking site is for the personal use of the members as they are allowed to promote their profile to find their perfect match. Never try to use this website for commercial use as you are not allowed to provide any website link on this matchmaking site. If you use any terms or condition for illegal purpose, then a legal action can be taken against you.

6. This Marriage Bureau has every rights on the content posted on the site. Other than the data posted by individuals, whatever is left of the substance is each of the a copyright of this site. Any member won't have the privilege to utilize the data displayed on the site for any unlawful means. Individuals are not permitted to convey or change the data displayed here.

7. The website www.besthindumatrimony.com is a division of Nri Marriage Bureau Corp. A corporation registered with Govt of Canada.

8. Here is a summary of the sort of content that can't be used by a section. In case any part is seen to strife with the set terms of usage, by then the investment of the comparable would be done and no refund would be given. A part of the kind of restricted content on the site of this Marriage Bureau consolidates:

  • To harass other members on the website.

  • Anything that conflicts the physical or mental harm, racist of the members.

  • Mass messages are not permitted.

  • Fake information and actions.

  • You are not allowed to use data of other members.

  • Porn content is not allowed.

  • Passwords of other members should not be shared on website.

  • No member should be younger than 18.

  • Content that includes computer viruses should not added on the website.